Out With The Old…

Hey everyone!!

There’s been quite alot of radio silence here this past year…I finally have settled into a two kid routine and have time to update my site!! Hooray! So these next few days will be seeing alot of changes and tweaking to my website here. I’ll be going through and hopefully making everything work and look better!

Can’t wait to see you all in 2016!!



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Walterboro Easter/Spring Mini Sessions

Who says only the early bird gets the worm?? Well, I’m here to prove them wrong!! So, I have opened up a day THIS week to do Easter mini sessions… yep, I know. Easter is April 5th…and the day for Easter/Spring Minis will be Saturday, April 4th!


You will receive a 20 minute portrait session for up to 6 people, 5-10 edited images from the session along with a 5×7 of your favorite pose! And,as an added bonus, if you refer a friend who books a mini session, you will also get an extra 5×7!! So come out, bring and friend and lets have some fun!!
Details and location will be in your welcome email once deposit has been made. You MUST pay the deposit by 12:00pm Thursday night in order for your slot to be held. If you are interested, please send me a message with the time you would like along with your PayPal email address. Once deposit has been received, I will update the available slots. For more information, please visit the FAQ page. You can also book by calling (724)599-8458.

Available time slots:


1:00- 1:20
1:30- 1:50
2:00- 2:20

The Baker Family~Sullivan’s Island Mini-session Sneak Peek

alt="family beach poses"

St. Patrick’s Day I was privileged to spend the morning at a mini session on Sullivan’s Island with this beautiful family. They are celebrating their daughter’s first birthday, and what a fantastic way to remember this milestone than a little photoshoot?!


The littlest Baker LOVED the feel of sand on her feet…so much that when she was picked up, the tears started! Anyone else get that feeling when you have to leave the beach?

The Baker Family Charleston SC Family Beach Mini Session

Another thing she absolutely loved was seeing all the dogs that were walking/playing with their people! (I may or may not have pulled out my “Bark Like A Dog” trick to get a few looks and laughs from her…)

I hope you’ve enjoyed these sneak peeks, to see the rest of the photos, please visit their gallery HERE.


For more information about booking your own family mini session, please feel free to contact me by emailing libertyphotography@yahoo.com or by phone: (724) 599-8458.

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Myrtle Beach Mini Sessions for Keller Dowdy’s Fundraiser!

mini session fundraiser myrtle beach


This past summer, I had the pleasure of photographing this dear family…and through the course of business, I learned a little bit more about their son, Keller.


On his GoFundMe page, his mother, Kathy writes, “At 7 months of age our precious son battled meningitis, to which he was left with bilateral hearing loss. In addition, he was left in a newborn state, having to relearn how to lift his head, sit up, crawl, walk, and function without his hearing. Fortunately, he was a candidate for Cochlear Implants at just 9 months of age. Keller, who was a normal hearing child prior to meningitis, could once again hear. While it appears certain that the meningitis caused Kellers hearing loss, it is highly speculative as to the cause of the other issues needing intervention. The other issues involve Kellers motor skill development, non-verbal abilities, and social skills development.

A diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a subset of Autism, was established by Developmental Pediatrics. This seems to be an accurate diagnosis since Keller was making no attempts at eye contact, would not participate in group activities, and continued to be non-verbal despite 18 months of intense speech therapy.Keller is now an amazing 4 year old boy being treated for Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Language Delays. Keller also has overcome bilateral hearing loss and his adjustment to Cochlear Implants. He receives Applied Behavior Analysis therapy and is currently thriving with many successes in language and behavior.

He has been in Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for 2 years, along with 3 intense years of speech therapy and is demonstrating amazing results. He is on his way to being a success story and providing hope for us and for the many children confronted with this situation. Keller is making huge strides in language and is now speaking over thousands of words. He also participates in group activities with other children, preschool classes, and gymnastics and camp with typical peers. He continues to amaze me with his progress and willingness to overcome his disabilities every single day.”


Today, Kathy and Keller are fighting for grants and coverage for replacements as his cochlear implants are in constant need of repair due to age and normal wear and tear. Replacements cost over $10,000, and with insurance not covering that cost, the entire cost is placed squarely on the family.


The GoFundMe page is a great place to donate to the cost, but we have also come up with a mini session fundraiser where all the profit will go towards Keller cochlear implant upgrades.


The mini sessions will take place in Myrtle Beach, the exact location will be emailed to you once the session fee is paid for.


There are six available time slots for each day, each is booked on a first come, first served basis. For more information, please feel free to Contact Me for more information, or visit the FAQ page.



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Luke & Karyn, Waterfront Park, Charleston Engagement Portraits

Karyn and Luke Engagement Portraits Collage for blog 1 Karyn and Luke Engagement Portraits Collage for blog 2

I am so excited to share this gallery with you. I remember driving through Charleston thinking, “Hmm, that’s a pretty park, I should stop sometime!” But I never made the time.  So when I found out that this was the location of choice for Luke and Karyn I was thrilled!!!!


The story only becomes more “awww” inspiring when I found out that this was where he proposed!!!!


I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to photograph this couple and I am totally looking forward to their wedding!!! Congratulations Luke and Karyn!

Ashlee & James, Charleston Maternity Portraits, Boone Hall Plantation

maternity portraits at boone hall plantation, flower gardens, man and woman looking at their hands standing in a flower garden at Boone Hall PlantationAshleeL, Maternity Portraits103 copyPregnant woman holding a single yellow flower during a portrait session in the flower gardens at Boone Hall Plantation

I had such an amazing time with Ashlee and James at Boone Hall Plantation! I had never been there, and as I was researching I saw that the website named it as “America’s Most Photographed Plantation.”  And now I know why!

Its simply beautiful!

Another awesome thing I found out is: Ashlee is also a native of Pennsylvania! It was great to have some common ground but more than that, it made me feel right at home!

These two lovebirds were so easy to work with, going along with however I wanted to pose them and also posing themselves. I only had to ask James to kiss Ashlee once at the beginning… after that it was all him! It’s easy to see the love between them both, and I have a feeling their little girl (whose name is a secret) is going to be one spoiled, well-loved princess!

This has to be one of my favorite maternity portrait sessions to date, and I know you are going to love them too!

Click here to view the full gallery


Katy/Houston Texas Fall Mini Sessions!!

Texas Mini Session

Yes. I know. I live in South Carolina…NOT Texas. So why the mini sessions?!


Well, my best friend just beat cancer, September is her birthday and I want to go visit her!! So, after having a few requests for doing pictures while I’m there, I decided to go ahead and offer a few mini session slots for anyone else who would like some new, updated pictures for Christmas cards or just because!


This is my first time offering mini sessions, so take advantage of it! It is also my first time offering mobile apps, and they are AH-MAZING!!!


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to Contact Me anytime!

Justin Dolecki | Charleston, S.C. Model Headshots | Portrait Photographer | Liberty Digital Photography

Justin 1Welcome back!

Today I want you to meet Justin Dolecki. Tall, quick-witted, and easy-going are the words that come to mind when I think about this young man. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Justin once before, so it was a real treat to meet up with him again to update his portfolio and comp card pictures.

Justin’s agency is CD Models and Talents, LLC who are located in Mount Pleasant, S.C.

Justin 2

The day of the photoshoot was quite perfect. Overcast skies and relatively light humidity made this headshot session very bearable! We were able to shoot at River Front Park in Charleston, SC, and I totally LOVED it! This was my first time there and I can’t wait to suggest it to my future clients! There were plenty of backgrounds and all within walking distance! Textures, trees, and “Tallness” all came together to make for one epic headshot photoshoot!

I loved the outfits that Justin brought to the shoot. For example, his blue collared shirt and black dress pants really complimented his slim features and made his eyes POP! And I totally loved the contrast of the purple shirt against the awesome brick!

I asked Justin whether he had any advice to offer others who were getting ready to take model headshot pictures. This is what he had to share:

“Don’t stress trying to take the best photo, and just pretend you’re not there for photos at all! It might make some faces look forced if you think about it too much!” Justin said.


And his advise for giving a natural smile: “If you need to smile, just remember the dumbest thing that makes you chuckle!”

His plans for his modeling and acting career are to take opportunities as they come, while focusing on going to school and getting a degree. His hopes are that a movie director will find him and allow him the opportunity to be in a movie!

Best of luck to you, Justin! I know you’ll do wonderful things!!

JustinHeadshotCollage2 Justin 3JustinHeadshotCollag

Senior Model Program Is Now Live!!

Liberty Digital Photography Senior Model Program GraphicI am pleased to announce that after a bit of a technological snag, Liberty Digital Photography’s Senior Model program is not up and running!

We are looking for the graduating class of 2015 to represent us, and in return, earn discounts and gift cards or cash. If you are or know a Senior from Walterboro High Schools, Summerville high schools, or Charleston high schools, please forward this post to them, or tag them and let them know!!

There are exciting things in store these next few months and I hope you will be a part of it!

Click here to know more about the Senior Model Program.

Click here to download the Senior Rep Application Questionnaire.


Sophia J. Sneak peek~ Walterboro, SC Newborn Photography

This is the quickest sneak peek I’ve ever done!!  Hot off the presses, here is Miss Sophia! Her newborn photography session was rescheduled due to the ice storm and power outage, but it was well worth the wait, yes??

Look for more of her newborn pictures coming soon!

Sophia Grace Collage Watermarked